going green

Welfare of the community means doing right for folks as well as the planet.
This is crux of our foundation and our commitment.

With ever-evolving environmentally-conscious product that scale back waste at each flip, and empowering folks with entrepreneurial opportunities, we thrive on same thought and pledge to maintain the same for yesteryears.

We have no time to waste. Be a part of this movement, and along with it we will escalate our folks, our planet, and our communities, so you'll be able to become the modification you would like to ascertain within the world.

Doing Our Part
Reducing Waste with
thoughtful designs

Since our beginning, we have created safe, innovative, reusable and
environmentally accountable merchandise that offers
standard solutions to the customers for storage, preparation,
and plan conveniently eating schedules at home.

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Our numerous style patents contribute to product efficiency and accountable consumption.


Our product facilitate with good food storage capacity extending for longer hours, serving to ease waste material.


We are reducing waste, increasing renewable energy, and limiting the quantity of water we tend to use for operations. We are also aiming for zero waste management to the landfills across all producing facilities.


By 2025, all the Unica products will be delivered to shoppers solely in packaging that is perishable – meaning no additional poly luggage.

not all
Plastics are
created equal
01. BPA-free

Unica follows the recommendations and tips of governmental regulative agencies concerning materials that will be employed in our top quality products. The company conjointly acknowledges the attitudes of customers regarding products containing BPA. In its continuous seek for the most effective materials to be used in the products, Unica has found alternative materials with improved performance characteristics that are approved by regulators to be BPA liberated to replace polycarbonate.

02. Designed To Be Heated

If your Unica product features an image with crooked lines, it’s safe to use it within the microwave. All resins approved to be used within the microwave are tested to make sure there is no transfer of chemicals to your food takes place.

03. Reuse and Recycle later

Though designed to last a period of time, our BPA-free plastic containers and plenty other products will bear employment codes to assist employment centres in the most sorted manner.


“My family’s life has been modified by Unica in numerous ways. I constantly watch my young ones winning and growing in their lives. Therefore I know that all that I’ve instilled in them is what I’ve learned from Unica. I cherish my learning every single day of my life.”

Sharol D’Souza
Do Right By Others

“Girl Power” iisn’t unaccustomed. In reality, we endorse feminine entrepreneurship. For over seventy years, we’ve cultivated, trained, and inspired, both men and women, to organize their lifestyles. To measure and earn on their own terms. To make their stands. And to experience their massive successes. We are gratified with this heritage, and thus, we invite all of you to be a part of our excelling and maximizing family of stars.

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