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made in india for the first time .
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manufactured to serve the world .

For brand Unica, being environmentally responsible is a way of life. We support the Go Green and Circular Economy initiatives by:

  • Designing products that last for many years and thus help reduce the use of single use plastics which ends up in landfills or the ocean.
  • Use of polymer and other materials that can be recycled after the end- of-life and thus help recover the raw material components that can be repurposed/reused to support the circular economy initiative.
  • Designing products and processes that use minimal amount of raw material and are produced with efficient manufacturing processes with minimal wastage.
  • Designing products with Circular, Bio Based and Bio Degradable materials that help conserve our planet's natural resources and do not pollute the environment.
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State of the art technology used to provide
world class quality products.

Manufacturing excellence powered
by 60+ years of INJECTION MOLDING
experience .

is a supplier of precision
engineered plastic components to
Fortune 500+ companies

this expertise of precision molding has
allowed us in shaping ourselves to become a
homeware brand based on the
homemaker's aspirations.

Store freshness protected for hours
with Unica's wide range of containers.

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How Unica Stands Apart
The problems faced by Homemakers
air resistant
anti skid
freezer safe
anti microbial (ag+)*
anti static
glass look alike
BPA free
certified virgin polymer
leak resistant*
dishwasher safe
first time in India
microwave safe
odour free
patent pending
scratch resistant
food safe
stain resistant
rodent resistant*

The prominent Homemaker Brands are always imported and Expensive

Food safety has never been a priority for Indian Manufacturers

Other Indian brands have never been a role model for Manufacturing Excellence

Durability has always been a major quality issue for Indian homeware brands

Design has never been at the core of the product for Indian Manufacturers

Design options have always been limited and predictable

To get global standards in homeware products
easily available at an affordable price to
the homemaker . . .

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Healthy Food For A Wealthy Mood

Just a note to say thank you for making such a high-quality product! Unica Boxes have lasted beautifully with no warping, cracking or staining despite daily dishwasher cleanings.

mr. rohan shah

I ordered Unica containers a few weeks ago I have been very impressed at how quickly I can pack and store lunches while keeping the freshness intact! Besides saving huge on freshness, the compartments help me pack balanced meals with appropriate portion sizes.

Your product has helped me with my commitment and will most certainly help me stay on track in the future!

mr. suresh

These tiffin boxes are my current favourite! The product offers the perfect lunch-making solution with its ultra easy-to-use containers.

The containers are durable and made of high-quality materials.

mr. sameer

Produce. Gather. Grow.
Progress with us and amplify your tastebuds!